It’s hot.



It’s been an average of 90 degrees all week. For most people, this isn’t that bad. They can stand the heat.

I? I cannot. The heat is my worst enemy. I wilt within five minutes of being overheated.

Some very clever people in the city of Louisville have banded together to ignore the rules and swim in the reflecting pools at Waterfront Park. I went out there yesterday in the heat to photograph them staying cool.

Taevion, 7, looks at his family that have passed under a bridge. He debates about whether he wants to slide under the bridge as well. 

Kayden, 6, begins to walk down the steps that form the waterfall of the reflecting pools. 

Caleb Motley, 2, holds a ball that he and his family had been passing back and forth. 

Taevion, 7, wipes water away from his eyes after surfacing.

Litce Delacruz, 32, hangs over the edge of the waterfall to play with the water. 

Bella Cox, 3, walks to her father in the water. 

By the end of this shoot, I was drenched in water of little kids who had pushed up against me after getting out of the water to look at my camera or spell their names for me. I’m pretty pleased with how the photos came out. Hopefully you like them, too!

In closing, I give you this video.

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