Narrative Clip

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I went to Florida for my graduation gift. It was great. We spent our time hanging out on Sanibel Island and dancing through Disney World.

If you know me, then you know I almost always have a camera on hand. Rather than spend my time using my camera and risk losing the chance to make memories, I decided to invest some of my graduation gift money into the Narrative Clip. Basically, it’s a small camera that you can clip onto an article of clothing and it will automatically take images every 30 seconds. It’s kind of a shot in the dark about what you’re going to catch, unless you tap the front of the camera twice, then it will take a photo of whatever is in front of you.

Although that feature sounds nice, I found it was far from capable. It was pretty hit or miss about actually taking the image. I actually found it would act like I was tapping the front of the camera when I was doing no such thing. Besides that slight snafu, I found that it was a pretty nifty device. I do regret not using my own camera more, to insure that I will get the images I want. But overall, it was super nice to not worry about taking an image.

Some of the images were unique. It does not handle images in motion well at all.

But honestly, I think some of the worst images give it some of its charm.

As you can see, the images aren’t that high quality, but as I said they add charm. They make the vacation feel like something that happened a while ago, when technology wasn’t what it is today. Like I was wondering around on my 2006 Env Verizon phone taking pictures. In reality, the narrative clip is very advanced. It’s small and it’s very easy to forget you’re wearing it. There will be times when half of your images are composed of your hair that has fallen in front of the lens. But there’s something really fun about looking at the “moments” that the narrative app has culminated. It lets you look back and literally rebuild your vacation from scratch.

I’ve read that some people have issues with wearing a camera 24/7 that’s constantly snapping images. I honestly didn’t think of it, but I can see where that would be an issue. Outside of Disney, I found myself taking it off when interacting with strangers. Also, I’m not really sure how it feels to be interacting with someone who is wearing one (i.e. how posed your actions begin to feel).

It’s not something I can see myself using day-to-day. My life isn’t really something reviewable on a daily basis, but it was great for a vacation. It would be great for hikes or for fun outings with friends.


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