Dairy Kastle

Nothing says summer like bodies of water and ice cream. Seeing as how I’ve already photographed swimmers, it’s time to turn to ice cream. In doing so, I thought it would be appropriate to see what the iconic Dairy Kastle is dishing out. Glad I did.

They absolutely loved their customers, and the customers loved them right back.

Kat Armstrong, 19, takes a costumer’s order at the window.

Dani Porter, 40, tries a Fourth of July themed sundae. The sundae is made with shortcake, blueberries, strawberries, whipped cream and red, white and blue sprinkles. 

Dani Porter, 40, left, and Alexis Porter, 17, have ice cream and a chili dog after Dani picked Alexis up from camp.

Bellatrix the dog enjoys a Milkbone sundae, a dog friendly desert.

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