4th of July

To properly commemorate the Fourth of July weekend, I was asked to cover a tale of two fireworks, so to speak.

Within Jefferson County, it is illegal to sell or light fireworks that launch into the air. This law obviously limits those who are trying to sell fireworks within the county. A fellow intern and I decided that we would adventure into the world of fireworks sales to see where people were purchasing their fireworks– in Louisville, where you could only purchase sparklers and poppers, or in Indiana, where you could get anything your heart desires.


Here, we followed Donald Threeblood’s firework stand on the corner of Hancock and Broadway.

Donald Threeblood, 45, holds two different fireworks options that he sells to clients.

Threeblood’s stand can only sell grounded fireworks. Threeblood said that most people use these in the middle of the street.

Most of Threeblood’s sales went to parents purchasing fireworks for their children.


In Indiana, we moseyed over to Powder Keg fireworks in Jeffersonville. Upon arriving, we decided to follow the Murphy family’s firework purchasing adventure.

Fireworks they had for sale at Powder Keg.

Logan Murphy and daughter Raven Murphy, 11, look to see if a certain type of fireworks they want are in a package. They purchased the fireworks on a budget and wanted to make sure they got the most “bang” for they buck. 

Raven Murphy, 11, left, and her father, Logan Murphy, of Louisville, look through their cart to make sure they have the fireworks they want.

Logan Murphy, left, and Baylee Murphy, 6, purchase their fireworks. 

It became very apparent that people were heading over the river to buy their fireworks. For that matter, who can blame them? I would to.

If you want to check out WFPL’s coverage-do it, do it-click on the links I’ve embedded throughout the story. You can also just click here.


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