First post.

I feel like it’s fitting for my first post to be about my cat.

As your average 22 y/o internet user, I love cats.

I wouldn’t be surprised if I become the über cat lady. A woman so enthralled with cats that I have a solid collection of self-felted cat-hair socks.

But I digress.

I currently only own one cat. Which I’m pretty happy about, because I don’t think I would be able to reconcile only petting one cat at a time.


That’s Franklin. FDR, Frankie, Padfoot, ect. ect. He’s a polydactyl, himalayan-siamese mix. What’s polydactyl, you may ask? It means he has an extra toe on each foot. In Franklin’s case, he has thumbs.


He’s a huge goober. Here’s one last photo of him, just because I can.


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